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Riverbed Modeler Academic Edition provides a virtual environment for modeling, analyzing, and predicting the performance of IT infrastructures, including applications, servers, and networking technologies. Based on Riverbed's award-winning Modeler product, Academic Edition is designed to complement specific lab exercises that teach fundamental networking concepts. The commercial version of Modeler has broader capabilities designed to increase network R&D productivity; develop proprietary wireless protocols and technologies; and evaluate enhancements to standards-based protocols. Riverbed software is used by thousands of commercial and government organizations worldwide, and by over 500 universities. Modeler Academic Edition is intended for introductory level networking courses and is targeted for teaching purposes only. Riverbed Modeler Academic Edition incorporates tools for all phases of a study, including model design, simulation, data collection, and data analysis.

Convenient features include:

  • Based on Riverbed Modeler version 17.5
  • Downloadable from our website at no charge
  • Built-in Wireless capability
  • Specially designed lab manuals
  • 6-month renewable license
  • Community support for our user

Important Notice to all users of Riverbed Modeler Academic Edition:

Riverbed Modeler team is excited to announce an updated release of Modeler Academic Edition, Release# 17.5.A PL7 Build #13312.

In this notice, we would like to make customers aware of two important dates:

  1. This release contains a new expiration date of September 01, 2023 which means the software will stop functioning after this date
  2. This release will be the last release of Modeler Academic Edition. We will be announcing an End of Availability of Modeler Academic Edition on September 01, 2020 which means we will not be accepting any new customers to sign up for Academic Edition after September 01, 2020.

We feel this notice should give customers of Academic Edition enough time to prepare for alternate plans. Customers will have the option to upgrade to University license at a discounted price which provides full version of Riverbed Modeler. Full version of Modeler does not have any restrictions of Academic Edition outlined in this KBA# S24443. Please reach out to janices@riverbed.com for further information on the University Modeler Program.

The new software release will be supported by your existing license, up to the expiration date of your license. You may download the new Modeler Academic Edition software installer by clicking on the following link:

Thank you.